1. Blown Away

From the recording A Calm Sun

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Blown Away, Blown Away
I will love you forever and a day

Love you like a snakebite on my tongue
Love you like a monkey with two thumbs
Love you when the moon glow comes undone
Splashes on the mountain like a big blue sun

Love you when I can’t see you at all
Only in my dreams where you’re much too tall
Oh you been haunting me so long
Like a rusty song

Blown Away, Blown Away
Oh I had to leave us
Go on and find my way

Find a way to love my paper self
Wake up on a dusty plywood shelf
Hold my hand through sickness and in heath
Offer to The Elephant all my wealth

So I made a brand new steering wheel
Stuck it to the side of a pedal steel
Yeah I’m gonna trust the great unfold
Singing songs that mold

Blown Away