1. Love is a Verb

From the recording A Calm Sun

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Love is a Verb :
A verb, is a word that conveys an action (bring, read, walk, run, learn), an occurrence (happen, become), or a state of being (be, exist, stand)

I was very young when you caught my eye
We would sit and talk late into the night
Oh Amazing Grace echoing into that space

And you showed me worlds that I never knew
Sweet gardenia sings all those lady blues
I fell deep in love,
Who’s the hand and who’s the glove?

Oh…Love is a Verb

We had big ol’ dreams to play in small cafes
Me on saxophone you on all the ways
That we could explore what is on the 13th floor?

So we live it up, join a big parade
Travel cobblestones, singin’ on the stage
What a lucky girl
But her toes do not uncurl

Oh…Love is a Verb

And the years roll by, I transmogrify
From the grasshopper to the task master
Now I needed you; bring the bread and be my glue

So it got too dark, maybe we don’t work
I’ll just move along, it’s just a silly song
So I said goodbye
I’ll give other things a try

Oh…Love is a Verb

Then one day you came, knockin’ on my door
Perfect melody plopped right on the floor
Oh I had to laugh. I felt like a bubble bath

So you’re not just mean
That’s the rhythm of the Love Machine
Cook me till I’m soft, show me where I’m off
You’re my teacher true
You’re a mirror, I’m the stew

Oh…Love is a Verb