1. Baby Loon

From the recording The Hummingbird Revolution

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Oh blue lagoon
With your two caterpillar moons
Wrapped in tattered mist cocoons
Summon all the mama Loons

Let’s hear their call
Echo off the mountain wall
Teeter on the leaves then fall
As the dirt consumes a wall

Oh, ahoo…

Old woman sits
In her crooked chair and knits
Breathing spells into each stitch
She makes sweaters for the witch

Young witch gets cold
In the cauldron of the soul
Making wholeness from a hole
She must learn to jump and roll

Oh, ahoo…

Baby Loon, sing your tune
Baby Loon, sing your tune

Mulberries drink
From the soft pine needle sink
Turkey vulture gives a wink
You might miss it if you blink

But that’s OK
It’s in every dog gone day
In the plastic and the clay
In the needle and the hay

Oh, ahoo…