1. Tiny Speck

From the recording Undulating

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I am a tiny speck in the universe
But you may also call me god
We are a nanosecond to the universe
Which makes my left brain feel so odd

Because in blastphematic truth
There’s still a fist and still a tooth
But I’m not powered by the juice of guilt and fear
There’s an Eskimo in white who un-invented how to fight
Tell my ego who just might lay down it’s spear

I have some magic goggles that reveal the cockles
Of your subconscious purpose through
It is the latest invention that reveals the intention
Behind everything you do

So that when man decides to spit
Or has a winey tantrum fit
We see that it is all a story about needing love
It’s just like being a zoologist and dissecting an owl pellet
That is mummifying an undigested dove

I have a little friend who is 9 years old
She introduced herself as the goddess of light
And I said “gosh that’s great, will you make me illuminate?”
And she said “Honey child, your already do.”

And so I danced around inside, feeling warm and fuzzy pride
In being a being that is being something good
And I hope that it is clear upon contemplating fear
That it’s all a ball of shoulds misunderstood