1. Uh-oh

From the recording The Pickle Jar

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Uh-oh you’re taking yourself too seriously again
And so you measure everything on a scale from one to ten
Does it live up to your expectations, proving you’re great?
Can you feed it to your hungry ego on a silver plate?

Uh-oh you planned out how your life is gonna be
And then you realize that you can’t predict the sea
But it was all gonna be so easy falling in love
Creating some genius music straight from above

Well let it go, let it go
Let it go, let it go

Uh-oh you’re thinking that you’re gonna figure it all out
Well you might have better luck trying to cuddle with a rainbow trout
Because my dear before you know it three days have gone by
And you never really tasted any of that jiggly chocolate pie

Uh-oh you’re thinking you have to be more than what you are
And when you pick at a scab it’s more likely to become a scar
Well ok I think we’ve covered enough for today
And please remember to hold your own heart in the most loving and tender way

And let it go, let it go
Let it go, let it go