1. Yes

From the recording The Pickle Jar

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God it’s too beautiful today
My little hearts going to explode
How dare you wake me up this way
With the silkiest breeze that’s ever flowed

Through my window to my toes
Playin’ with the peach fuzz on my nose
Outside a sour cherry glows
And I’m finding it very difficult to focus on all the things I usually worry about

Cue the squirrels chasing each other
Cue the birds chirping to one another
Fuzzy illuminated whispering leaves
It’s all too much deliciousness please

What, what about my worry wheel
And all the scary things I feel
What about, what about my heavy thoughts
Squished in my brain like a puzzle of knots

What about the wars, the prison doors
The melting arctic floors, the unrespected, unprotected whores
And the pain and confusion from loving someone

Yes that’s all there
With the butterfly that landed on my neighbors chair
And I can’t help, no I can’t help but smile