From the recording The Pickle Jar

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Good Morning darling
You're whirling through space right now
And somehow the trees and breeze
And diseases and you are all here

So good morning darling
Just be and do whatever you want
Your heart will tell you everything you need to know
So don't be afraid to glow

And if you wanna put on a show
Or maybe today is heavy and you're full of woe
Well then take it slow
You don't always have to go, go, go…
Just let yourself tumble and fumble through this world
That you do and don't know

Good morning darling
It's time for a brand new day
Don't worry that you'll fuck it up
Cause you'll be swell and then you'll slip in the muck
And that's the rhythm of life, oh
That's the rhythm of life, yes
Life is messy and life's absurd
Life is messy and life's absurd
Life is messy and life is absurd