From the recording The Pickle Jar

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You know sometimes I think life ‘s a lot like ordering a PB&J sandwich on white bread with the crust cut off horizontally sliced, and getting some diagonally sliced white bread thick n’ hearty crusted tuna melt with a pickle on the side. Yeah, that’s the gospel of Calvin and Hobbes ladies and gentlemen. In other words,

Yeah I can talk about stuff
Oh I can hang around on planet fluff
But I still cannot smile when I’m sad

So hate me cause I have three grapes and you have one
But try carryin’ a heart full of guilt that weighs two ton
For once I know one thing
I know I don’t know nothin’

So preach and teach what you hope ‘s true
And pray that one day it will happen for you
Or take a bath instead
Either way you’ll be dead soon, wew!

I got a little love conundrum maybe ya’ll can help me out with…
[yeah, what’s that]

So this guy triggers my heart
The other guy electrifies my private parts
So now it’s my job to sit and breathe

Oh I wish I knew that we was right
My chakras are all clenched up tight
The battle ends and I being the fight
As my dreams and reality discuss
And my emotions make a big fuckin’ fuss, unnn ouch

Maybe in a while I’ll look back on today and smile
Baby, maybe in a while all the pain will be beautiful
When I’m 83 or maybe sooner
When I’m 83 or maybe sooner
When I’m 83, when I’m 83
Or maybe now