From the recording The Pickle Jar

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It’s been so noisy in my skull
The movie theater is packed full
I play shows there all day and night
Trying to make the past and future just right

And so today in the velvet chairs
The same crowd as always prepares
To indefatigably critique
Every moment of every week


Well of course Mr. and Mrs. Fear are here
With their sixteen well fed kids
And of course the Should and Shouldn’ts came
With their opinion jars that have no lids

But this time someone else arrived
Someone they definitely didn’t know
Yes the guests where quite surprised
To see me come to my show


I walked in bare feet down the isle
My toes crunched a little popcorn pile
I found myself a dusty seat
And leaned forward to whisper to Dr. Defeat
“Excuse me sir could you please tell me
How you got in this place for free.
And do you also happen to know
What movie I’m going to show?”

Same show you always show, it’s the same old thing
It’s called
And we are All Alone Together
Yes we are all, all alone
But we are All Alone Together
This is the tip of the feather that’s shown
This is the only forever that’s known