Fire in the Works! with Robin Jackson, Lewis Childs, and Lesley Kernochan

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A Garden Concert in NE Portland (location announced upon ticket purchase)

Three eclectic songwriters and an all-star band present this July 4th concert at a private garden sanctuary in NE Portland! Pop the kombucha and join us for a dreamy, whimsical night in the garden as we celebrate connection and the resurgence of live music on this auspicious day of inter-dependence!

This is a VERY SPECIAL reunion of three unique NW songwriters and long time friends, Robin Jackson, Lewis Childs, and Lesley Kernochan. Eclectic songwriting and storytelling, bohemian antics, and indie folk twang connect the styles of our songwriters — who will also be joined by a band of Portland musical wonders including:

Michelle Alany - violin, vocals Michael Galen - drums Michael Dougherty - bass

Enjoy all of the aspects of connection and joy as we ignite our own creative fires this Summer! And there will still be time to knock off a few fireworks after if wanted.

TICKETS are limited to 50. All seating and the show will be outdoors. Please come with COVID safety in mind for others. You will receive the exact venue address upon purchase of your tickets.

ABOUT ROBIN JACKSON "A captivating song-crafter, a true storyteller." - NPR. An Award-winning songwriter, teacher, activist, and spirited impresario, Jackson has built on his colorful, bohemian upbringing and dedicated himself to creating connection through art and music. He has played with everyone from Marchfourth to Gogol Bordello to Amanda Palmer to Devotchka and most recently with The Polish Ambassador. His songs are an eclectic brew of dreamy, vintage folk-pop. whimsical Americana, gypsy-tinged jazz, and acoustic storytelling. He has two albums out; 'Dust Diaries' (2010) and Dark Stars (2017).

ABOUT LESLEY KERNOCHAN Lesley Kernochan is an Americana folk singer/songwriter with prayerful lyrics and occasional bursts of jazzy mouth trumpet. Within each song Lesley's versatile voice brings music to life that is "uniquely beautiful... with lively and sharp intelligence [No Depression]." Lesley has an eclectic background as a saxophonist, contemporary classical composer, operatically trained coloratura, and musical saw player before gravitating to piano and guitar. She has five original records that span many genres, and currently lives in Los Angeles.

ABOUT LEWIS CHILDS Lewis is a songwriter, international performer, educator and recording engineer based in Portland, Oregon. Coming straight form the source, Childs delivers a truly enigmatic and soul-stirring style of song-crafting. His eclectic and diverse musical style is accentuated by his vast vocal range and penchant for storytelling. He sings in many languages and has a diverse set of musical influences that inform his work as a songwriter and producer, notably the music of Brazil. A true troubadour, his music helps to tell the story deep inside all of us. Lewis is the founder of Groundswell Studios.