1. On the Horizon

From the recording Turtleback Mountain


There is a road on the horizon..
calling me

And the dust between these toes
Tickle all the roots below
They sing darlin' dance right here
This is where your path, your path is clear

There is a tree on the horizon...
calling me

Tender sunshine all around
Don't condemn the shadows found
Cool your pink and freckled skin
Listen for your silent kin

There is a love on the horizon...
calling me

Sunset painters gather round
We've been called to color the ground
May it glow with orange light
Let it shine to your heart's delight

There is a dream on the horizon...
calling me

Wisdom in the rocks and sand
Made of elders holding hands
Guide us all the way back home
To the peace we've always known

Always know, always home
On the road