1. Holy Trinity

From the recording Turtleback Mountain


Oh weary rag
Rinsed and rung out
Hung up on the line
In the Sunday sun

Everything just blows on by
Everything’s just like that Jasmine vine
Fine, fine, fine

Oh dusty rose
Still smelling sweet
Singing to the night
For the mailman’s feet

Send me something my roots need
Someone to drink and feed
Please, please, please

Cause I’m going all the way
To the very beginning
Irises and bitter gourds
Greet me in the fjords

Old tortoise man
Marching down the path
Sticking out his long neck
For a succulent

Everyone says you’re so slow
You just go the pace that you go
Flow, flow, flow

Cause we’re going all the way
To the very beginning
Energy, space, infinity
Holy Trinity